Canada is seen as a very welcoming country toward immigrants, but there are different opinions on whether Canada should accept more immigrants and refugees. Looking to course readings, journal articles, books, newspaper articles, and electronic sources, what are some of these opinions?

There are many articles, videos, and so on that voice Canada’s support for immigration and refugees. You might want to watch a video about what happened when a right-wing Canadian party began voicing their anti-immigrant views through billboards. You might also find articles about how Canada’s courts voiced their acceptance of refugees by expressing their disapproval of Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

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As you search for videos, articles, and so on about Canada’s acceptance of immigrants and refugees, you might want to think about the variables that factor into their immigration and refugee policy.

One variable that altered Canada’s policies about refugees and immigrants was the election of Donald Trump. Trump's policies toward asylum seekers caused Canada to invalidate an agreement that compelled refugees to seek asylum in the first safe country that they could find. This summer, Canada’s federal court declared that the United States no longer counted as a safe country due to what was happening to migrants once they reached the US.

This voice—the voice of the Canadian courts—suggests that Canada has a duty to step in and protect immigrants from the harsh policies of Trump and his government.

Indeed, it seems like a majority of Canadian voices are in favor of Canada’s comparatively accepting immigration program. Data reveals that Canada accepts three times as many immigrants as the United States.

The Canadian voices who rebuke their relatively inclusive immigration policy don’t appear to gain much traction. For evidence, you could look to the backlash to the anti-immigrant billboards put up by the right-wing People’s Party of Canada. You could consider how Canadian culture makes Canadians less hostile and more accepting of immigrants and refugees.

Of course, as your question notes, there are voices arguing that Canada’s immigration policy is not accepting enough. Some voices accuse Canada of discriminating against African immigrants and refugees.

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