What would Christof, the fictional creator/producer of The Truman Show, write in a memo if he wanted to correct some of his cast's behavior for an upcoming sequel?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because Christof views himself as a godlike figure, controlling his own world, his memo would demonstrate an extremely demanding, threatening tone. After all, The Truman Show is his creation, and he will not allow for anyone to alter or destroy it. Below are possible regulations which Christof might establish to prevent the recurrence of problems present in the original Truman Show.

Christof's Memo

1. You are a paid employee of this corporation. If you cannot separate your professional role from personal emotions, you will be let go immediately. Absolutely no fraternization between Truman Show employees is permissible.

2. As a professional actor/actress, you must plug our sponsors' products with subtlety and efficiency. At no time, should your product promotion seem like a commercial. If you cannot fulfill this requirement and this corporation loses sponsors because of your incompetency, your contract will be terminated.

3. Finally, it is a privilege to be a participant in this significant international experience in television history. You must count it as such. If at any time, I or the other producers believe that your passion for our project has wained, we retain the right to terminate you without further explanation.

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