In The Kite Runner, can you write a personal response to chapters 20-23?  

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I hope you are aware of the ironic paradox of your question--it is impossible for me to write a "personal" response for you because it would not be your "personal" response, but mine. Therefore all I can do is point you towards a few ideas of how to structure your personal response. These chapters contain a lot of strong material, mostly focussing on how Afghanistan has been transformed under Taliban rule and the confrontation of Amir with Assef--a confrontation that arguably has been waiting to happen since their childhood. Now, if I were your teacher setting you this task, I would want to gain from you some kind of understanding of how the scenes that we are presented with impact you. What did you think and feel and how did you react to the incident at the football match, for example? How did you respond to the hopelessness of the orphanage worker and the way he has to resolve himself to losing some of his charges to keep the orphanage going? The author presents us with an incredibly bleak situation in these chapters--your teacher wants to find out how this situation impacts you and why you think what you do.

The great thing about a task like this is that you can't really get it "wrong"--your responses are your own, so as long as you write honestly about how certain events impacted you, you will do great. Good luck!

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