Can you write about two characters' relationship that conveys the theme of Schindler's List?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The connection between Schlinder and Goeth can represent a relationship that highlights the critical themes of choice and action.  When examining the Holocaust and the events that led to it, the most common question that is asked is how individuals could allow such transgressions to happen.  Such a question, while completely understandable in asking, belies the fact that human action and choice are critical elements in understanding the origins of the Holocaust.  Put in another way, the Holocaust, like all periods of history, was defined in large part by individual choice and action.  Human beings possess the capacity for great and virtuous action and also hold the reservoir which can represent the very worst and cruel in terms of decisions and choices.  The relationship between Schindler and Goeth represents these polarities.  Schindler awakens to the fact that he has choices and possesses power in his actions.  They are not done in a vacuum where only profit matters, or where the machinery of war delineates the capacity of action.  Rather, Schindler understands that he has the ability to take positive steps towards actions that help to alleviate suffering or choices that increase it.  The depiction of Schindler in the novel and in the film is one where he must awaken to this reality and in the process realize the stark division in his own psyche between making choices that take a stand against genocide or cruelty and choices that prolong them.  The relationship between he and Goeth is similar to a morality play where this tension is drawn out and carried to its logical extreme.