Can you think of any tableaux I can make out of Act 4, Scene 2, 109- 170? Can you think of any tableaux I can make out of Act 4, Scene 2, 109- 170?  

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robertwilliam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think there are a few potential for tableaux around the triangle of relationships in the play. So, for example, when Iago first gently and friendlily approaches Desdemona, you might show him kneeling, angelically, to the unsuspecting Desdemona, while Emilia looks on suspiciously in the background:

What is your pleasure, madam? How is't with you?

I cannot tell. Those that do teach young babes
Do it with gentle means and easy tasks:
He might have chid me so, for in good faith,
I am a child to chiding.

A little more left of field, perhaps, I can also imagine something where you showed literally Emilia's speech about Desdemona marrying Othello:

Hath she forsook so many noble matches,
Her father and her country and her friends,
To be call'd whore? Would it not make one weep?

You could line up all the noble matches, her father, the Duke of Venice, and her friends, on one side of Desdemona, and then, on the other, Othello, furious and screaming whore at her. Finally, and, more simply, you could show Emilia furious with the "villain", and addressing Desdemona, while Iago looks on, in the background, amused, worried, or perhaps even sneering:

I will be hang'd, if some eternal villain,
Some busy and insinuating rogue,
Some cogging cozening slave, to get some office,
Have not devised this slander; I'll be hang'd else.