What is an example of a marketing blunder? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps the biggest example of a marketing blunder in the history of the United States' economy is the introduction of New Coke.  This occurred in 1985.  The Coca-Cola company decided that they should create a new product, presumably (they did not admit this) as a way of making Coke taste more like Pepsi.  They decided to take this new product and use it to completely replace Coke (rather than just introducing it as another flavor of Coke).  One aspect of marketing is knowing when to develop new products and knowing how to present them to a market.  Coke completely botched this process.  As a result, sales of Coke plummeted.  Although Coke did eventually rebound, this was a major blunder on their part.

kalmarar | Student

Some of the orgnization depends on some Marketing strategy such as :

Cluster: companies focus on business area where selling same services or product which customer feel easy to come to one area to buy the product and compare it with other suppliers's price.

Leadership: companies start in innovating and take the leadership in selling the product or services which the markting for it would be without almost competitors

Focus: company selling product or services to special segemant of customers so that the focus on speical customers again would distingush your produt from others

sxh967 | Student

A great example of a marketing blunder (or rather an ongoing problem) is the choice that Pepsi makes about its brand colours.

(click the second reference for a photo containing every Pepsi logo from 1898 to the present day)

Up until 1950, Pepsi had only used the colour red in their logo, making it very difficult to differentiate themselves from the market champion Coca-Cola. From then on, Pepsi started to use a mixture of red and blue. This was not a good idea because their brand identity was being diluted by indecision regarding colours.

You can see how it seems strange if you imagine a boxing match:

"In the red corner.... and in the red.. and blue corner!"

You'll see nowadays that Pepsi and its products have become predominantly blue with only a small portion of red, in order to strengthen their brand image.

Morale of the story: establish strong company colours early on a stick to them!