can you tell me who can be the modern day Richard Rich please be specific?can you tell me who can be the modern day Richard Rich please be specific?

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I have to assume that you are referring to the fictional character "Richie Rich" here and not the Chancellor of England.  Though there are many child stars who have come out of Hollywood in the past two decades or so, I think there was a time when Macaulay Culkin could have been described as a modern day Richie Rich.  He made his fame and fortune as a young blonde kid, much like the cartoon portrays, and seems like one of the first of his kind to do so.  Because of his success in the Home Alone movies, there was much stir about how much the kid was worth at one time.  He was portrayed as a rich (and somewhat spoiled) child whose parents didn't have much authority over him and his money.

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oops im referring it to the Chancellor of England but in the play A Man For All Seasons

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