Can you tell me the rhyme scheme of the poem 'The Vagabond' by Robert Louis Stevensen?

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A rhyme scheme is a regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem. All rhyming words are assigned the same letter.  For example, in this poem, there are many lines ending with the word me ---- these lines and the lines with words rhyming with "me" will all be assigned the same letter.  I am only giving the last words of each line

Stanza One:

love - A, me -B, above-A, me-B, see-B, river--C, me--B, ever- C

so the above stanza's rhyme scheme is  ABABBCBC

Stanza Two:

late --D, me-B, around--E, me --B, love--F, me--B, above-F, me-B

the second stanza's rhyme scheme is  DBEBFBFB

Stanza Three:

me-B, linger-G, tree-B, finger-G, field-H, haven-I, yield -H, even-I

The third stanza's rhyme scheme is BGBGHIHI

Stanza four: This is the same as Stanza Two.

The  rhyme scheme here is DBEBFBFB


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