Out of the Silent Planet Questions and Answers
by C. S. Lewis

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Can you summarize the Postscript of C. S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet?

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The Postscript of Out of the Silent Planet is an interesting literary device. In it, the protagonist, Ransom, corresponds with the fictionalized and actual author of the story, "Lewis," or C. S. Lewis. There is an ongoing correspondence between them and Ransom is responding to a letter from Lewis. We can tell this because of a few things, especially Ransom's comments:

  1. "I agree, it is a pity I never saw the pfifltriggi at home."
  2. "Now as to your most annoying question ...."

These clearly indicate a give-and-take correspondence in which the Postscript is the latest response. This device serves several purposes along with allowing C. S. Lewis to poke a little fun at the fiction writing process as he speaks through the perceptions of his own protagonist. This device serves the purposes of:

  • reinforcing the fiction-though-truth aspect of the story by providing a conversation between the witness of events and the chronicler of events.
  • elaborating on (1) Ransom's perceptions of the Malacandrian...

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