Can you summarize what happened between pages 128-129 of Freak the Mighty?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

(I will attempt to give you a summary of these page numbers, but you should understand that different copies of the text--including hardback vs. paperback--will provide different page numbers. When requesting information on eNotes, you should refer to the chapter number; if page numbers are essential, you should note the date of the edition you are using, but the eNotes editor may be using a different version. This summary comes from pages 128-129 of the first paperback edition from 1993.)

These are the first two pages of the important Chapter 20: Freak the Mighty Strikes Again. Max's father, Killer Kane, is in the midst of strangling Loretta Lee, who has come to Max's rescue in the abandoned basement where the Kanes have spent the night. Max is still partially tied up, and he knows

... you can't stop Killer Kane... He's made of iron and steel...

Max pleads with his father to stop strangling Loretta, just as he has done Max's mother. Max screams that "I saw you kill Mom," and as he tries to push his father off Loretta, he flashes back to when he was a child and witnessed his father kill his mother in much the same manner. Finally, Killer Kane releases Loretta, and he turns his attentions to his son. Killer argues that Max was too young to remember, and that Max's grandparents have brainwashed him into believing the story. But Max even remembers the clothes his father was wearing: brown corduroy pants and a sleevless black t-shirt. Killer finally realizes that Max was a witness, and he decides he must "clean this up and get out of here."