What are some creative ways to present gene expression in class? Powerpoint is getting old and boring.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Presentation ideas include making an animated video, an interactive online presentation, putting on a play, and a puppet show.

What most people find boring about a Power Point presentation is that it is so one sided.  The audience just sits and listens.  You have only a one-dimensional picture and, at best, a list of bullet points.  An interactive presentation such as a Prezi can be much more interactive.  In a Prezi, the viewer can click on information and read about it.  This makes the experience more interactive, and thus more interesting.  You might be wondering what advantage this is to you if you have to give a class presentation.  You can still give a presentation with the interactive presentation.  You yourself can click on things, and it still adds interest.  To make it more interactive, you can have your audience select what you click on next.

Another alternative to the basic bland slide show presentation is to make an animated representation of the concept.  This works perfectly for something like gene expression.  It will really help your class understand it better if you show them instead of tell them.  It might sound hard, but you can draw it and animate it fairly easily with the internet.  There are tools with simple animation, or you can use old-fashioned animation methods like a flipbook and film the project.  It all depends on your creativity and how much time you are willing to put into it.

Finally, you can act out the process live via a play or a puppet show.  Get creative!  Find some friends for the play, and case them as the parts of the gene.  I know it sounds silly, but anything that is scientific can be expressed abstractly.  It can be as simple as showing why one person has red hair, or one person is taller than another.   You can give your audience helpful information without being boring!

rachellopez | Student

I really like the website Prezi. It's kind of like a power point but you can design it and add a lot more color, fonts, videos (without links you have to click on), etc. It makes the information you are sharing a lot more fun and it's free. I used it a lot for English my 8th grade year.

CaitlynnReeves | Student

Gene expression was one of my favorite units in general science class.

Our teacher started the unit with a scavenger hunt type activity. We had to find students in the class who exhibited certain traits (such as a widows peak, or hitch hikers thumb). Who ever had the most traits completed in the aloted time won. Then we came back together as a group and discussed the expression and prevalence of each trait. 

To introduce technology into the classroom we played an interactive online game that allowed us to breed our own dragons for various traits. 

And of course, you can always assign projects. Simply have students draw from a selection of diseases or traits and have them write an elxplanation concering its inheritance/expression. 

mokshi | Student
  • Get a cord, glue tack and beads/ coloured paper (or clay) and fix it on the board moving it to different locations to explain the process.
  • Ask a student or two to repeat the action you took on the board.
  • Students could act it out (is they are discipline enough).
  • Demonstrate using quick growing plant generations (peas !). Animals?! (insects or small fish with distinct features)
  • Ask the students to make the Power-Point presentation (student based learning).

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