What could be a nice thesis statement about immigrating?I choose to write about moving into a new country, from singapore to california. I came here last 2010 and what i can say about immigrating...

What could be a nice thesis statement about immigrating?

I choose to write about moving into a new country, from singapore to california. I came here last 2010 and what i can say about immigrating is that its not easy, especially adjusting on food, weather, people, environment and--most of all the language.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Have you ever read any of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales?  There is one entitled "The Ugly Duckling" in which one duckling, bigger than the others and ugly, was the butt of the ridicule from the others hatched by the mother duck. He was made to swim by himself behind the others. An older duck comments,

"They are handsome children mother has...all good looking except this one, and he is not a good specimen; it's a pity you can't make him over again."

But the mother duck responds,

"That can't be done, your grace....Besides, he is a drake...so it does not matter so much.  I believe he will be very strong, and I don't doubt he will make his way in the world."

Nevertheless, the duckling endures much misery and nearly freezes to death in the winter as he is alone. Finally, when Spring comes, he stretches his wings and is surprised by the strength of them. Able to fly he reaches a pond where some majestic swans are; he lands, almost hoping that they will kill him in order to end his misery. However, as bows his head to receive his death, he sees reflected in the water a beautiful swam--it is he!

He felt quite glad of the misery and tribulation he had gone through; he was better able to appreciate his good fortune now, and all the beauty which greeted him.

This story, with its stirrings of hope, teaches readers much. We are often strangers in this world for a while, but the human spirit is redoubtable and it can, indeed, adjust to different and unfriendly environments until, finally, it finds its own "pond."  These tribulations that you must suffer will be rewarded when you make your adjustment to your new world; afterwards, you will a richer person inside, for you will have two identities:  that of your own race and its ancient and respectable culture, and your new American identity.

So, put together a thesis statement that states how you must travel through new experiences and endure discomfort and melancholy for your former world; however, there are rewards of opportunity ahead for you.  [Consider why you came to America in the first place.]

Remember that a thesis statement is a general statement that has a "blueprint" of three opinions, which then become separate topic sentences for each body paragraph.  You can, for instance, develop the body of your paragraph with (1) what you left behind in Singapore, (2) what you have encountered in the U.S., and (3) what your resolve and hopes are for the fortune.  Good Luck!