Can you state your comments on/reaction to/opinions of each character of the story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

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Facing reality is never easy when life is hard and demanding. Take George and Lennie, always striving, holding onto their dreams but being destroyed by stark reality.

George is the most complex .. because he has not accepted his present lot in life.

but "the mouselike George" is powerless to defeat the injustices of an imperfect world.

Having a dream is what keeps most people going but the dream has to have a measure of reality. In Of Mice and Men, that is the problem. There is never any chance of fulfilling the dream because it  

does not accurately reflect the human condition

and Lennie, with a handicap that ensures he retains his "childlike" vision

 was not to represent insanity at all but the inarticulate and powerful yearning of all men.

The message is powerful but confusing. Everyone wants to have a "brotherlike" bond but are equally suspicious when two men have such a unique brotherhood. Slim tries to understand it

Maybe ever'body in the whole damned world is scared of each other.

Characters have been chosen to suit the stereotypes that Steinbeck so despised. He attempted to highlight

 society's injustices and economic inequalities in the hope of improving their situation

The class and social barriers, race, Lennie's retardation are all indicative of the struggle to survive. Crooks torments Lennie due to his own insecurities at being black, Curly, in his position of authority and supposed superiority, incites Lennie to violence and Curly's wife is inappropriate towards him.

The friendships in the novel are not unique but the bond between George and Lennie is.    



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