Can you show me an example of a Problem Essay?If not, can you provide a good structured thesis in writing a problem essay?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a high school English teacher, I have run across the Problem essay a couple of times in my career. To complete this essay, you must of course come up with a problem.

At the end of your introduction, make sure your thesis admits the problem and proposes a solution in brief.

In your first body paragraph, introduce the problem with all it's complexity. Explain the nature of how it became a problem, who it affects, and how continuing in the current state will prove detrimental.

In the second body paragraph, propose a solution. Include how you intend to gather materials required, meet a financial budget, gather support, and maintain an appropriate timeline. Lay out necessary steps to a process. Give specific details.

In the third body paragraph, anticipate why the solution might not work, and then defend how you will ensure it will work.

Conclude with a call to action on the part of your audience, or at lest the encouragement to support your plan.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To supplement what has already been mentioned, it is important to keep the topic of a problem/solution essay small enough that a solution can be reasonably found.  While we may wish to solve the economic problems in our state, there is just no way that an essay can cover the scope necessary for such a topic.  But, we may be able to offer cogent suggestions for the improvement of the town, thus keeping the topic on a manageable.

Consider your audience.  If they already agree that there is a problem, then you may wish to place more emphasis upon the solutions to the problem.

enotes has an excellent step-by-step How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay and steps that you can read below on the website

Finally, be sure  to be realistic and reasonable, avoiding unattainable goals.  And, be certain to use solutions that have plenty of evidence.  Give statistics and facts to demonstrate the objectivity of the evidence.