In Lord of the Flies, can you say Ralph's decisions are based on feeling meanwhile Piggy’s decisions are based on science?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph's character from the beginning is described as a leader.  He is good with people, he is observant, and he knows how to lead in a group.  Piggy, on the other hand, is very smart, but has very few people skills.  He uses his knowledge to "teach" others rather than create friendships.  He babbles on and on about his "auntie" and what he learned from her. So his personality comes off that way and he annoys rather than entertains others.  Since Piggy has no people skills, he relies on what he knows--science and common sense--to back up his decisions and comments he makes. 

Ralph is run by his observations of people and what friendships he's made.  He doesn't want others to be upset by his decisions.  Even when he's chosen as chief, instead of hurting Jack's feelings by bragging about beating him in a vote, he makes sure that Jack is in charge of the choir.  He then encourages Jack to be a leader of "hunters." Again, he uses his people skills to be a leader, which is using his feelings as a basis of his decisions.

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