Can you put the word "venerate" in a sentence?I dont fully understand the meaning of this word and i am supposed to put it in a sentance. Can anyone help me out?!?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you "venerate" something, you treat it with a huge amount of respect or reverence.  It means that you treat it essentially like a holy object.  The word "venerate" comes from the same word as the word "revere."  That might help you to better understand what "venerate" means.

So, to use "venerate" in a sentence, think about something or someone that some group of people treat as holy.  You could say things like:

  • The Spanish national soccer team was venerated by the Spanish public after it won the World Cup.
  • One of the most venerated figures in recent history was Mother Teresa, who was widely revered for her work with poor people in India.

In both cases, you have a person or people being treated with a huge amount of respect and admiration.