How can you, personally, modify your lifestyle to prevent further degradation of nature?

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There are several things that we as consumers can do to prevent further natural degradation.  Below are some suggestions to avoid pollution and landfill usage.

Avoid plastic bottles. Water bottles are becoming one of the most common forms of non-biodegradable waste.  They were unheard of a few decades ago.  Soda drinks and other liquid containers can’t necessarily be avoided, but water bottles can because tap water is freely available.

Bring your own shopping bags. Every time we go to a store, we come out with a plastic bag.  We might as well go in with one.

Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores are full of gently used clothing and other products.  Why not save money and landfill space?  Donate your unwanted goods, and shop there from time to time.  You’ll be doing your community and your planet good.

Carpool. It might be unrealistic to suggest everyone walk or bike, but you can carpool every one and a while.  You can also plan errands geographically, so that you are driving less.


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In order to prevent further degradation of nature, we can all simply consume fewer resources.  Though no one person can make a huge difference on his or her own, if everyone does a few little things, it can add up to many fewer resources used.

For example, we can cut back on our driving.  There are many people in the US who will drive two or three blocks to do things like picking their kids up from school.  There are high school students who will drive a few blocks to get to school.

We can also watch our energy consumption at home.  Many people keep their thermostats turned way down in the summer and way up in the winter.  They use much more energy than they would need to in this way.

Finally, we are a very "disposable" culture.  We buy things like apples that are presliced and wrapped in plastic boxes rather than buying whole apples that come with no packaging.  We could avoid buying things like that which use resources for the sake of a tiny bit of convenience.  We could also, at the very least, recycle those things that we do buy rather than throwing them away.   These are all steps we can take to prevent further degradation of nature.

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