Can you provide a thesis statement for dyslexic children in Reading?

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Your main question is about a thesis statement which is really an essay question.  Thesis statements are the sentence or sentences in your introduction paragraph(s) which define your essay and let the reader know your focus and what you plan to prove. Since I don't know what you plan to prove, this answer will have to be generic. Think about what your own interests are in this topic.  Do you want to prove that dyslexic children can still learn to read at a certain pace with help?  Are you looking at whether dyslexia is a trait you are born with and which gene controls its appearance?  Are you trying to prove which method of teaching reading helps dyslexic children the most?  Choose your own idea, and then clearly state what you are trying to prove with at least three ideas to discuss and prove your statement.  For example,"Many theories exist about which method of teaching reading helps dyslexic children the most."  I believe the __________ method is the most effective because it is the simplest, dyslexic children grasp the ideas quickly, and teachers like this method as it requires no tutors to absorb the information."  I hope this helps you figure out what your own thesis statement should be and what you are trying to prove.  See the enotes link to the essay lab for further help if needed.

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