Can you provide a brief summary of the novel Triangular Road by Paule Marshall?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Paule Marshall's 2009 novel, Triangular Road, is a memoir which reveals the trials and tribulations Marshall faced as a young writer in the 1960s. As a black woman, and a writer, Marshall describes the conflicts she faced in a white male dominant world.

The novel speaks to her professional relationship with Langston Hughes and his impact on her ideologies regarding writing. Marshall tells readers about her trips to Europe, Barbados, Africa, and her time in the United States (her home). The title of the novel refers to the three places which influenced Marshal the most: Africa, Barbados, and Brooklyn.

The novel shares Marshall's ideas and experiences with her trips abroad, slavery in America, and her problem with "writer's block."

The novel also shares intimate details about Marshall's family: a mother who belittled her and a father who left his family (leaving them destitute).

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