Can you please write a five paragraph essay comparing and contrasting the two novels 1984 and The Chocolate War?

Expert Answers

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I cannot write your essay for you, but I can give you some pointers on how you might approach such a comparison and contrast.

Think about the themes of these two works. Both deal with courage and cowardice, peer pressure, and the difference between being a victim and being victimized.

Consider of weighing Winston and Archie's courage to stick by their convictions. Evaluate how peers and co-workers influence their decisions. Look at the evidence from each novel, and argue whether you believe the individual characters are held hostage to their environments, or use their enviroments as an excuse to *not* act on their convictions.

If you think of each of these categories individually and give each one textual support for your position, you should have no problem at all writing a five paragraph essay.

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