In Chesapeake by James Michener, can you please tell me what's happens in Voyage 3 including all important facts and characters.

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Voyage 3 in Chesapeake begins with the judge who will commute Timothy Turlock's sentence from hanging to one of banishment from England. He will travel with a certain Captain Barstowe to Virginia in the USA where he will be sold to a plantation. He will be required to work for seven years after which he will be a free man. Timothy has been caught stealing bread and,as it is one of many prior offences, he is only spared "the gallows" because of his mother's pleas and the "ingenious proposal" of Reverend Barstowe, a friend of Turlock's mother who asks the judge for mercy. 

Timothy Turlock is trouble from the beginning of the journey, stealing from the crew and earning himself a lashing. He howls as he is lashed, not even keeping quiet to prove his manhood. He gets what he sees as fitting revenge when he finds an opportunity to urinate into the captain's soup. On arrival in Jamestown, Virginia, Turlock is the last to be sold, as buyers recognize his capacity for trouble- causing and have no wish to buy him, despite his youth and apparent potential.

Captain Barstowe is forced to sail to "a marshy estuary far west" in order to secure a sale for Turlock and the Janneys take him for a bargain price - half a bundle of tobacco leaves - especially as Mrs Janney has seen the lash marks and realizes that he could be trouble. She does, however, admire his "spirit," and the deal is done.

Turlock works hard for the Janneys and is assigned many undesirable tasks. Even the slaves receive better treatment. Simon Janney makes Turlock aspire to a better life and a better plantation and even reveals that the family has other land and takes him "across the channel" where Turlock realizes that there is a chance for a better life. He can barely believe what he sees and comes to "appreciate the glory of what lay hidden" to the point that, after his return to his "miserable situation," he schemes to escape.

In August 1638, after being assigned a particularly dangerous task, Turlock refuses and takes an opportunity to overpower Simon Janney and make his escape. The Janneys waste no time in spreading the detail of his escape and he is forced to hide and even make it appear that he has drowned so as to avoid further pursuit. It seems that Turlock is doomed to hang wherever he goes, if he is ever caught. Despite ravenous hunger, his instinct tells him to take care and only when he is safely far enough away does he stop and forage for food. When he is confronted by a group of Indians, he is hopeful, revealing that they need not fear him as he has "no gun." 

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