Can you please tell me how to organize my essay ''perfomance of india in sports''?should i write essay sports wise or event wise i.e.commonwealth games,asian games,world cup,etc.

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Thinking about the performance of India and of Indian athletes in international sports competitions, I think that you should organize this by sport rather than by events.  I think that you should look at various sports in turn and evaluate the reasons for India's success or failure in each.

The reason that I say this is because India's performance has been so inconsistent across various sports.  India is, of course, a major world power in cricket, having just co-hosted and won the World Cup.  Indian hockey has been strong though it seems to be in some decline.  India has had a few very strong tennis players as well.  By contrast, India is very weak (given the size of the country) in such things as football, basketball, and athletics.

Because of this huge difference, I would organize my essay by sport.  I would try to account for the fact that India can do so well in some sports while doing so badly in other sports.