Can you please tell me a few essay topics for the book Things Fall Apart?I have to write an essay of 5 pages on this book.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have several topics that I give my students when I teach this novel.  I have forgotten the original source it's been so long...teachers tend to borrow from each other often.

1. Many authors (like Shakespeare, for instance) use the weather to help the reader determine a character's inner thoughts and the earth's reaction to human events.  Think about the role of weather in the novel. How does it work, symbolically or otherwise, in relation to important elements of the novel such as religion? Are rain and draught significant? Explore the ways in which weather affects the emotional and spiritual realms of the novel as well as the physical world.

2. Animal imagery abounds in the folktales and proverbs circulated among the clan members. What is the significance of some of the animals they discuss? What does the prominence of animal figures suggest about Igbo culture and about Achebe’s larger goals?

3. In what ways does the idea of progress shape the novel? How is it significant? Is one or more characters effected?  How?

4. Throughout the novel, drums, music, and the town crier’s voice punctuate the narrative at key moments. When does silence occur and what does it mean? Is there more than one type of silence? Can silence be characterized as a positive or negative occurrence? What are the implications of the fact that Unoka takes his flute with him to the Evil Forest when he dies?

Good Luck!

archteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you should base your essay around an unanswered question of yours.  Do you wonder something about a certain character and and his/her personality?  Do you wonder why a character is included in the text at all?  Do you wonder how the District Commissioner's book relates to the rest of the story?  In the process of considering/researching a question that you don't have the answer for, you will actually be finding evidence to support the thesis you come up with.  Remember to take some notes as you go along (with page numbers) so you can easily get back to the information you want to use.

renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so may essay topics to choose from. For starters you could do a comparison paper-such as that of Christianity versus the Igbo religion.

You could do a character analysis-for instance, Okonkwo-does he change throughout the novel? What instigates this change?

You could take a major theme from the novel and analyze specifics from the novel that illustrate the theme. A few examples would be custom and tradition, good and evil, or the clash of cultures.

Enotes has many esay topics. Follow the link below for more ideas.

tmstapler | Student

This is an old question, but I am going to give my response to help others looking for possible essay topics.

1) Compare the religious culture of the village to the culture of the invading Christians. What are some of the superstitions the villiage practices and why might they be important? What Christian practices are similar to their superstitions? What is the significance of the egwugwu ceremony and what does the unmasking of the eqwugwu show about the men who do the unmasking? What are other similarities and differences between the two cultures?

2) Why is this book important to you and how does it relate to your life?

3) What is Achebe saying about the value of primative life? Are these people savages, as the Christians think? Is there something wrong with how the villagers live their lives? Support your claims with evidence from the book.

thesmartgirl | Student
Can you please tell me a few essay topics for the book Things Fall Apart?

I have to write an essay of 5 pages on this book.

i feel you should start by using on okonkwo's family and the affect okonkwo's father had on him . Then talk about his fame and how he got it . use accurate details . Then go on talking about his wives and children . Talk about he distrubed the week of peace. go on from there

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