can you please tell me the brief notes on the major characters of rape of the lock?  

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There are four major characters in Alexander pope's rape of the the brief notes about them...

Belinda:The poetic name of Arabella Fermor, an upper-class English girl. She is a beautiful young woman and vain of her appearance. Although she is a sweet society girl who loves her spaniel and is normally quite agreeable, she flies into a horrid rage when Lord Petre snips off one of her treasured curls.

Lord Petre:A young nobleman, one of Belinda’s suitors. He admires Belinda so much that he wants one of her curls as a keepsake and snips it off at a party when she bends her head over a cup. He refuses to return the curl, and it disappears to become a star.

Spleen:The queen of bad tempers and the source of detestable qualities in human beings. She supplies Umbriel with magic substances.

Betty: Belinda’s maid.

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