Can you please tell me 10 important characters. Please describe.Please answer today.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ten characters from Theodore Taylor's novel, The Cay, are listed below.  Several are very minor characters who are mentioned only once or twice.

PHILLIP ENRIGHT JR.  The main character and narrator, he is shipwrecked and blinded after his ship is attacked by a German submarine. He is separated from his mother, but is saved by Timothy, a sailor from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.

PHILLIP ENRIGHT (FATHER).  An engineer for Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, he must remain in Curacao despite the threat of German attack.

GRACE ENRIGHT (MOTHER).  She is not happy living in Curacao and hopes to return to Virginia. Additionally, she is not comfortable being around black people.

TIMOTHY.  Timothy is the 70-something-old sailor who saves Phillip following the torpedoing of their ship. He sails them to The Cay on a raft and later takes care of Phillip for several months as they await rescue.

STEW CAT.  He is the old cat that accompanies Phillip and Timothy when their ship is torpedoed. 

HENRIK VAN BOVEN.  A Dutch native, he is Phillip's best friend in Willemstad.

HENRIK'S MOTHER.  Mentioned only once in the story, she is much less "nervous" than Phillip's mother.

THE CAPTAIN OF THE HATOHe calmly directs his passengers to the life rafts following the Hato's sinking.

SCOTTY.  He is the sailor who comes to Phillip's rescue on The Cay in the final chapter.

THE CAPTAIN OF THE RESCUE SHIP.  He takes care of Phillip following his rescue.