Can you please summarize Chapter 9 of Contagion by Robin Cook?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 9 returns us to Colleen and Terese, the advertising representatives for National Health hospital, the competitor against Manhattan General. In an interesting sequence, Cook presents General's competitor in Chapther 7, Jack's actions and attitudes against AmeriCare (the owner of Manhattan General) in Chapter 8, and the details of the marketing campaign for National (in other words, against Manhattan General) in Chapter 9.

In Chapter 9, Colleen and Terese go out on the town, mostly to get Terese's mind off her aspirations to become president of the advertising firm though still in her 30s. While out, of course the topic of their advertising project comes up in conversation. In the taxi on the way home, Teresa and Colleen compare personal notes about General and National. They know about the plague association with General hospital. Terese has been to General and explains that when it comes to cleanliness, National "is the antithesis" of General, suggesting that General has sanitation and cleanliness problems.

From this emerges a slogan tag line for their advertising campaign when Terese suggests that an old cliche is applicable: National is so clean that people could eat off the floor there. Terese composes the tag line and suggests it to Colleen:

    "I even have thought up a tag line," Terese said smugly. "Listen: 'We deserve your trust: Helath is our middle name.'"
    "Excellent! I love it!" Colleen exclaimed.