Can you please suggest a good topic for doing my mathematics project?  

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This is a hard question to answer without knowing more about the specific requirements of your project, and the types of math used in your project.

I've done several math projects, all involving mathematical modeling--using mathematics to describe a real-life system. This generally breaks down into two different categories:

Continuous modeling: describing something that changes continuously over time. For example, we might model how a population of some animal species changes over time, especially with the introduction of predators and prey. Continuous modeling usually involves calculus, specifically differential equations.

Discrete modeling: describing things that operate in "whole" units. For example, determining the optimal route number and routes of a delivery truck, or how to most efficiently schedule classrooms to teachers, or how to maximize profit subject to some constraints. Discrete modeling can use mathematics such as linear algebra, statistics and probability, algorithms, etc.

The process of coming up with a model is roughly as follows:

1. Determine a real life situation to model, and collect real life data relating to the model.

2. Formulate a mathematical model that describes the problem

3. Use the model to predict the solution to the problem, or predict what would happen under different conditions.

4. Go back to step one, evaluate how well your model fit the problem, and continue to iterate through these steps until you have a solid model.

The experiences through all of these steps can be detailed in your project, along with the ultimately perfected model and discoveries you made.

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Is your math project meant to be a paper or a series of math calculations?  What kind of math are you taking this year, algebra, geometry, or some other kind of math?  In any case, perhaps you could select a topic that reflects the use of math in the real world.  For example, you might choose a profession and write a paper or create a series of problems and answers that show how math is used in that profession.  What might an architect or an engineer do that will require math?  What would a carpenter do that would require math?  What if you want to carpet and paint your house?  What kind of math will you need?  How will you make calculations to purchase materials?  How does FEMA calculate the needs of an area in an emergency?  How does it calculate the costs?  Think of a real-life problem or problems that involves the use of math, and then write about it and/or solve the problem.

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