Can you please summarize Chapter 13 in Contagion by Robin Cook?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 13 is the follow-up to the night out enjoyed by Terese and Colleen, of the Madison Avenue advertising firm, during which they meet Jack and Chet and find inspiration for an updated National Health hospital campaign, one to replace the previously failed campaign and due in a week from the date of notice. Terese begins the point of view focalization (i.e., focusing point of view) but Helen takes the focalization later in the chapter.

Teresa and Colleen compare opinions about how the new ad campaign is moving along and briefly compare opinions about Jack and Chet, too. After some discussion of the Hippocratic Oath in relation to the ad campaign, Helen decides to venture into untried territory and work in tandem with Helen in the accounts representatives department. Creative and accounts departments are typically seen to be adversarial rather than cooperative departments.

With a change in focalization to Helen, after "the impromptu meeting," Helen heads right over to Robert Barker's office to report the substance of the meeting to him. Robert exposes his "devious" nature and suggests that Teresa and Colleen be encouraged to run with an ad that has the potential of losing National's account. His competition against Terese for advancement in the upper echelon of management comes to the fore through this attitude as he expresses himself to Helen.

    "I'd like [Terese] to propose a tasteless  campaign."
    "I see your point," Helen said. ...
    "The problem with the idea about nosocomial infection in general is that it could be a good one. There might possibly be a legitimate difference ...."