Can you please put the events in "A Rose for Emily" in chronological order?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great assignment that I have also given my classes. It's especially tough because of the flashbacks and constant shifts in time sequence.


  1. Emily's father dies.
  2. The Grierson taxes are remitted.
  3. Homer Barron comes to town.
  4. Homer and Emily become a couple.
  5. Homer disappears--the first time.
  6. Emily's relatives arrive to discuss her relationship with Homer.
  7. Emily's relative leave; Homer returns.
  8. Emily buys rat poison.
  9. Homer disappears again.
  10. "The Smell" emerges.
  11. Men from the town spread lime around her house.
  12. Emily gives china-painting lessons.
  13. Members from the Board of Alderman try to serve Emily a tax notice.
  14. Miss Emily dies.
  15. Tobe disappears.
  16. Miss Emily's funeral.
  17. The upstairs bedroom is entered, and the body on the bed--and the strand of hair on the pillow--are found.
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