Can you please provide a summary of the movie Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn.

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Sean Penn's version of Into the Wild depicts Christopher McCandless and his adventurous wandering following his 1990 graduation from Emory University.  He leaves everything behind (friends, family, and all worldly posessions) in search of spirtual knowledge and to gain a greater understanding of nature around him.  He donates his $25,000 life savings to Oxfam International, and heads out into the wild with minimal supplies and little food. 

At the beginning of this journey, Christopher McCandless renames himself "Alexander Supertramp," and heads out west in his old, beat-up vehicle until it stops running.  Then, he decides to hitchhike and uses this time to truly commune with nature.  He is heading for Alaska, and stops along the way to experience HIS America and the people who make up this country.  Some of his adventures include: a kayak trip down some advanced course rapids, working (for a time) in a grain mill, extended stays with a very earth-bound couple, and extended stays with an old widower.  The cold, hunger, and his exhaustion (both physical and mental) leave him defeated on more than one occassion.  When his family (mother, father, and sister) don't recieve any communication from him, they fear his adventure may have gone too far.

Once he reaches his destination of Alaska, he realizes that he is very underprepared. He resorts to eating berries and native plants without much knowledge of their nutritional value.  At the end of the film, he eats berries that are in fact posionous and cause him to hallucinate and eventually starve to death.  He finally finds his so sought after isolation and finally realizes that, "Happiness is only real when shared."

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