Can you please name at least two French plays released in late January of 1793?i just need names

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The date you are asking about was a high point of the French Revolution. King Louis XVI was executed in January 1793. You would think that the people wouldn't be in the mood to go to the theater, but in searching for an answer to your question, I was able to find one play that caused as much of a stir as the king's death.

A week after the king's execution, the play La Chaste Suzanne, by François-Georges Fouques Deshayes (known as Desfontaines), opened in Paris. The play is based on the apocryphal story of Susannah, a beautiful woman who was falsely accused of adultery by two men to cover up their own voyeurism while she was taking a bath. It was very controversial because of its references to nudity and sex, and it caused riots and vandalism when the volunteer police/soldiers rebelled.

I wasn't able to find any other French plays that were released or opened in January 1793. I did find that Desfontaines opened another play, La fete de l'egalite, in 1794.

I hope this helps you. See the links for more information.

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"Friend of Law" by Jean-Louis Laya (page 194)


"Ami des lois" 1793

Both of these were written in January of 1793.