Can you please identify a difference and similarity between the Igbo gods and the missionaries' God in Things Fall Apart"?

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kmalone614 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the main themes in Things Fall Apart, is that of the conflict between western culture and Igbo culture. One of the ways this is manifested in the text is with religion. Missionaries come with the Christian message of one God, and one way to Heaven, through faith, not works. This was an immediate contradiction to the Igbo religion. They participated in ancestral worship and sacrifices, used protective amulets to protect against the evil spirits and were very into the iconic and visual when it came to their belief system.

Much of the Igbo religion was about following tradition and custom, which many of the younger generation wanted to rebel against. The Christian missionaries often converted the young and the mothers, who would do anything to protect their children from the evil spirits. Unfortunately, this division within the tribe caused much violence and strife.

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