Can you please help me solve for "x".     3x-7=3(x+1)my book says the problem has no solution but i cannot figure out why. please help. the problem is a linear equation

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Solve the equation `3x-7=3(x+1)`

`3x-7=3(x+1)` Given

`3x-7=3x+3` Distribultive property

`3x=3x+10` Add 7 to both sides

`0=10` Subtract `3x` from both sides

Since `0!=10` for any `x` , there is no solution.

** You might see this as trying to find the intersection of the lines:

`y=3x-7` and `y=3(x+1)` . Setting the right hand sides equal gives where the y values are the same. But these lines are parallel; both have slope of 3 but different y-intercepts. Being parallel, they never intersect so there is no solution. **

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impossible no solution

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when u solve right side

it is 3X+3. right??? 3(X+1) ->  3*X+3*1

then, 3x-7=3x+3

so, right side 3x is equal to left side 3x

after this,,, -7should be equal as 3.... it doesnt make sense...

this problem has no solution...