Can you please help me out with Objective Questions in Paradise Lost Book I?...Thank You

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27. Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub? Uriel The following forms does Satan take? Angel/ Toad/ Cormorant In what book does the fall take place? Bk 9 Which angel wields a large sword in the battle and wounds Satan? Michael When Satan leaps over the fence into Paradise, what does Milton liken him to? A wolf leaping into a sheep’s pen Which angel tells Adam about the future in Books XI and XII? Michael Which statement about the Earth is asserted as true in Paradise Lost? Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain Which devil is the main architect of Pandemonium? Mulciber How many times does Milton invoke a muse? Three Who leads Adam and Eve out of Paradise? Michael Who discusses cosmology and the battle of Heaven with Adam? Raphael Which of the angels is considered a hero for arguing against Satan? Abdiel In an attempt to defeat God and his angels, what do the rebel angels make? A cannon Who does Milton name as his heavenly muse? Urania What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious? Look at her reflection in a stream
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