Can you please help me come up with subpoints for nationalism and imperialism in India during British Rule from the picture below? I am writing an essay with three paragraphs, with three subpoints each. Image  link:

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You have three good overall points for your essay already with the Indian loss of freedom, the British improvement of industry and infrastructure, and finally Indian unity (and perhaps independence). Now let's think about some subpoints for each of these.

For the first paragraph, you might begin with how the British took control of India in the first place. You might also define the nature of the British rule in India, talking about how the British governed the country and what roles the Indians played. You could discuss how the British and Indians viewed those arrangements as well.

In the second paragraph, you can certainly use industry, railroads, and infrastructure as your three subpoints. Alternately, you might group railroads and infrastructure together and add a point about the cultural changes the British brought to India, including education.

In your third paragraph, you might discuss the various rebellions the Indians carried out against British rule. Be sure to talk about Mahatma Gandhi and his influence. Your final point should be the return of Indian independence and how that came about.

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