Can you please give a summary of peter pan novel written by j.m barrie?

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The Darling family consists of Mr and Mrs Darling, the three children Wendy, John and Michael, their nurse and a dog named Nana. One night Nana and Mrs Darling see Peter Pan sneaking into the children's bedroom and try to stop him, but are only able to catch his shadow as he flies out the window. Then Peter comes back because he wants his shadow, he finds it and Wendy sews Peter's shadow back to him. Then Peter tell her his story. He had run away the day he was born because he didn't wanr to grow up and now he lives in the Neverland with the lost boys. He convinces Wendy and her brothers, by teaching them how to fly, to return to the Neverland with him and his not-very-polite fairy Tinker Bell. In the Neverland they meet the pirates led by Captain Hook whose greatest desire is to capture Peter Pan and his friends because it was Peter Pan who had cut off Hook's hand and fed it to a crocodile. Peter Pan and his new friends live many adventures together but eventually the children begin to worry about their parents and to feel homesickness and they want to come back to London. So they return home along with the lost boys that the Darlings adopt while Peter stays in the Neverland.

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