Analyze the short story "Games of Twilight."Provide the protagonist, antagonist, setting, theme, major conflict, and minor confilct.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A protagonist is the main character.  In this story, the protagonist is Ravi, a small introspective boy who is a member of a large family.

An antagonist is the opposing force against whom the main character is fighting.  The antagonist is technically Raghu.  He is the oldest child, and he is “it” in the game that Ravi and his siblings are playing.  The antagonist is also childhood, because the cruelty of childhood is the problem.

The major conflict is an internal conflict within Ravi.  He is frightened, then triumphant, then sad.

The minor conflict is between Ravi and his siblings, because they forget him.

The setting is a family house and the yard in India. The story likely takes place just after India got its freedom from England.  The yard includes a garage and a shed in which Ravi hides.  It is a very hot day and the sun is dangerous.  It is approximately late afternoon when the story starts, and twilight when it ends.

The theme is the cruelty of childhood.  Ravi discovers that his siblings have abandoned him, and the joy he had in thinking he won the game turns to alienation.