Can you please give me a paragraph about friendship? Can you use the words-ad infintum, apportion, bona fide, clique, concede, congenial, lofty,percieve,sever, and versatile within the paragraph please.

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A friend is a person who will be there for you to support you "ad infinitum" for ever or until circumstances beyond your control separate you. he or she will never apportion blame unfairly for misunderstandings or disagreements between you, but will forgive quickly. A clique is a rather more unhealthy form of group friendship because sometimes it can be exclusive towards newcomers who can be left feeling very isolated when they are not invited into a close group of friends. In this situation it is helpful for group members to concede that it may be necessary sometimes to widen their circle. In this way the friendship group becomes larger and the atmosphere is warm and congenial for all. Those with lofty ideas of their own superiority dont usually make good friends as they are unable to bond with percieved inferiors."The Poison Tree" is a good friendship poem:

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