Can you please give me a good idea for a Holocaust project using Wiesel's Night Trilogy?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that any insight you receive here on enotes would have to be secondary to what the expectations of your assignment is and what your instructor is asking.  This might be of critical importance in establishing what you might want to do or be allowed to do as part of your project.  I do think that a really interesting topic could very well be how humans endure and make sense of atrocities such as the Holocaust.  In the trilogy, Wiesel gives specific answers to such questions.  From the haunting reality that Eliezer has to wrestle with following his experiences, to the militancy of Elisha, to the rationalism mixed with fear of Raphael, Wiesel presents different approaches to how individuals grapple with the difficulties and moral ambiguity presented as a result of the Holocaust.  I think that being able to draw out and discuss how different elements of the psychological state of being from Holocaust survivors as seen in Wiesel's trilogy might make for an interesting project option because of its wide ranging capacity and in that it truly reflects how the Holocaust has been appropriated in the modern setting.

cooldude47236 | Student

Hi Akannan, can you please exlpain this a little more in depth as i am confused as to what exactly you are talking about.