Can you please give 4 characteristics of Koly from Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan?If you can, please list quotes or page numbers (preffered). Thank you so much for your help! ♥

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Being able to deliver pages numbers is going to be difficult because different versions of the book's printing exist.  Yet, I think that there are some overall characteristics where textual support is abundant.  I would say that Koly is devoted to her family.  She understands that while the marriage is not something that she embraces joy nor about which there is excitement, it is something that she has to do for her family.  Accordingly, I think that loyalty is a critical element that Koly possesses.  She is loyal to her mother in law and the responsibilities that being a daughter carries even though she is mistreated.  I would say that courage is another trait, for when in Vrindavan, she makes the conscious choice to break free of her former life and try a new state of being in the world.  Finally, I think that there is a belief of redemption that is present in Koly's character makeup, as she is convinced that her new life is something that will work, can work, and something worthy of working out for her best.

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