illustration of a nature scene with a bird in the grass next to a puddle that shows a translucent reflection of a human

There Will Come Soft Rains

by Ray Bradbury

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Can you please explain to me the significance of the image in the relationship to the events in the story.

Expert Answers

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In this Bradbury story, the relationship between the images and the events is direct and important. By that I mean, Ray Bradbury shows the tragedy of what has happened completely through images. He shows us an automated house that is supposed to fulfill all the desires of the owners, one that is supposed to be something like heaven to live in. However, the house becomes tragic because it is empty. The humans who lived there have been killed in a war, and all that is left of them is shadows burned on to a wall. Each image—the shadows, the house, etc.—shows the futility of humanity's attempt to control the world.

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