Please explain the “Iron Triangle” model of policy-making involving Congress, the bureaucracy, and interest groups.

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The “Iron Triangle” model can be used to describe the relationship between Congress, bureaucracy, and special interest groups. With this model, government agencies and departments are in close communication with the lobbyists of special interest groups. The lobbyists are presenting various kinds of data and information to these government agencies. This information supports the cause or causes for which the lobbyists are advocating. By working closely with the government agencies, the lobbyists help these agencies and any congressional subcommittees that have formed to get work done. This partnership helps to shape laws that Congress will eventually develop and vote to possibly implement.

An example of this model at work would be the lobbying arm of the American Medical Association, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, and the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions working to develop policies that would deal with issues impacting public...

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