Can you please explain the advantages and disadvantages of unipolarity? 

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I assume that you are asking about the advantages and disadvantages of unipolarity for all the countries in the world.  

If this is the case, the major advantage of unipolarity is that it can be a very stable system.  In a unipolar system, there is only one superpower.  This country can act as something of a supervisor of the international system.  It can impose its will on the other countries, thereby maintaining stability.

On the other hand, however, a unipolar system can be somewhat oppressive.  The hegemonic power will be able to do more or less whatever it wants.  Lesser powers have no real way to resist it and are therefore left with no choice but to obey.  

In these ways, a unipolar system can be a tradeoff between stability and lack of freedom of action for the countries of the world.


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