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Can you please explain "A Uterus is Not a Substitute for a Conscience" by Barbara Ehrenreich? What does it mean, and what is it trying to portray?

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In the essay "A Uterus Is Not a Substitute for a Conscience," which was also published in various media outlets as "A Uterus Is No Substitute for a Conscience," "What Abu Ghraib Taught Me," and "Feminism's Assumptions Upended," author Barbara Ehrenreich reacts to the torture and abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq that became uncovered and publicized in early 2004. In the essay, Ehrenreich professes shock that three of the seven soldiers who were photographed with prisoners and charged with abuse in the scandal were women.

In Ehrenreich's view, this exposure that women were as capable of committing horrifying and unacceptable acts of cruelty...

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