Can you please discuss "The Resilience of human spirit" in the kite runner with the thesis statement and conclusion. Thank you.

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It would be very difficult to present a full thesis with support of the novel The Kite Runner.  However, in looking at the resilience of the human spirit throughout the novel I would have to break down some of the issues with the different characters.  I am going to address one character.

Baba is the father of Amir and the illegitimate father of Hassan.  He was always thought by people as a lad to be unable to accomplish much.  However, when he was put down he increased his chances of success by beating the challenge.  He gained wealth, and even married into a noble family.  His wife died and he had to go on with an infant son.

IN a state of weakness he slept with his friend/servant's wife, a Hazara woman, and created a child.  He was ashamed of his actions but he cared for the child and was proud of him.  He supported him financially.  To amend his guilt he built orphanages and helped many others.

After the Russian's were coming and the politics became too difficult he left his country at an older age to start life over with Amir, his son, in America.  He had been a wealthy man who lived a good and well respected life.  He is now struggling to survive as a gas station attendant and making a little money on the side by working at the flea market selling items on Sundays.

Baba's journey must have been very difficult.  He had to experience some of the most difficult transitions at the time in his life when he should have been able to think about relaxing and watching his son get an education.  Instead, he had to work hard for them to survive and he still managed to get his son a car and an education.

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