Can you please describe the encounter of the stranger with Gortsby and discuss the title 'Dusk' with the ending of the story?its a long answer type question

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The stranger comes and sits down next to Gortsby on a park bench.  He says that he is from out of town and has forgotten which hotel he is in.  He says he went out to buy some soap and then forgot how to get back to the hotel.  Gortsby doesn't believe him because he can't show the soap he bought and won't give him money.  The man says he lost the soap, and he leaves without money.  Gortsby then finds a bar of soap under the bench.  He chases the man down and gives him money.  He returns to the bench to find that they old man who had been sitting there before is really the one who dropped the soap.

I think that the title indicates how our understanding of what is happening around us is blurry and unclear the way things are in the dusk.  It is not easy for us to truly understand other people's intentions or the meaning of things that happen in various situations.  We go through our lives like it is dusk -- never being sure what is going on around us.