Analyze Ray Kinsella's character and explain how he fits into the story.

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ray Kinsella is the protagonist and narrator of this story.  He "fits in" to the story because the story is his.  As a husband and father, he loves his family more than anything, though he is not especially practical when it ocmes to matters of providing.  He buys a farm and takes great pride in the land, though he is not very good at farming.  When he goes into debt, he neither knows how, nor makes much effort at getting out.

What he lacks in practical wisdom, Ray more than makes up for in less conventional gifts.  He is gifted with a large imagination, a childlike sense of hope, and an adventurous spirit.  He pursues an idea that by many would be considered insane, not just laughable, and it ends up working out in his favor.  In the end, it is ultimately his pure heart and devotion to family and relatioships that shine through the strongest in this character.