William Butler Yeats

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Can you please analyse W.B. Yeat's poem "Down By The Salley Gardens"?

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Yeats published "Down By The Salley Gardens," a poem based on an Irish folk song, in a collection called Crossways in 1890.  Although some readers have tried to locate the "Salley" gardens, the source is the Gaelic word for willow trees, saileach.  Willows were important in Irish life because, in rural areas, the willow provides the most common material for thatching, a very common roofing material.

The poem (and the song on which it is based) is a ballad, which is often described as a song or poem that recounts a sad or tragic personal or communal event.  Most ballads use what is called ballad form, which calls for quatrains (four line stanzas, either rhymed or unrhymed) that contain alternating four-and-three-stress lines, with the second and fourth lines rhyming.  Although "Salley" is a ballad, it is not consistent in following strict ballad meter.  Most of Yeats' even-numbered lines are iambic trimeter, three sets of...

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