Can you paraphrase act III, scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet?

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There is a ton of stuff going on in Act III Scene ii so here goes:
We start the scene with Juliet lamenting that she cannot wait until Romeo comes to her bed chamber that night so she may consummate the marriage with Romeo. Nurse comes in and Juliet immediately asks her if she has brought the rope ladder that will bring Romeo up to her room. The Nurse then starts to lament about a death which Juliet mistaken thinks is Romeo but as Juliet cries out that is Romeo be dead then she will then kill herself to join him the Nurse tell her that it is Tybalt who is dead not Romeo. Although this is sad for Juliet she is very happy that her love is not dead. The Nurse adds insult to injury by saying that Romeo is not only the cause of Tybalt’s death but is also banished from Verona. This send Juliet into an argument with the Nurse who wants her to have some hatred of Romeo because of his part in Tybalt’s death. Having thoroughly set Juliet “off” The Nurse leaves the scene telling Juliet that she will get Romeo to see her tonight because she know that Romeo is hidden at Friar Laurence’s. Juliet asks that the Nurse give Romeo a ring of hers.

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The scene starts with Juliet waiting for Romeo, and then weeping as she believes that he has died. Then Juliet finds out that Tybalt has died, and that Romeo killed him. She is upset, very upset. She asks the nurse to take a ring to Romeo for her, and to come for a final farewell.

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