Can you live without a mobile phone?I know this question must have been heard many times but I really want to know: "Can you live without a mobile phone?" If yes for how long? Perhaps a week, a...

Can you live without a mobile phone?

I know this question must have been heard many times but I really want to know: "Can you live without a mobile phone?" If yes for how long? Perhaps a week, a month...

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In idle moments I sometimes consider cancelling my cell phone service. I do not consider this device to be an integral or vital part of my life. Do I use my phone everyday? Yes, I do. Could I get by without using my phone while also not missing out on signficant social interaction? I think the answer to this question is also yes.

I understand the arguments about the importance of cell phones, but these arguments are, at least in part, based on an assumption that the way Person A lives her/his life today is the only way Person A's life can be lived.

There are lots of ways to live: with a car; without a car; with a computer; without a computer. Where we fall in these categories will determine certain facts of our lives but will not necessarily affect the quality of our lives.

This last assumption, I think, is often the biggest hurdle to change. We fear that if one thing falls out of our stock of possessions, our quality of life will fall out with it. This isn't nearly as true as we like to think it is. 

litlady33 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I, personally, would have many difficulties without a mobile phone Yes, I could live without one, but I think as a society we get used to certain things and therefore have higher expectations placed on us. When one has a moblie phone, that person is expected to be easily reached. My family knows that they can send a text or call me if they need something. Without a cell phone, my contact with others would decrease significantly and would probably frustrate the people around me. I also feel more safe with my phone around, especially when I'm traveling long distances. I need to know that if I break down or run out of gas, I can contact someone for help without taking a risking walk along the highway to a gas station.

I also use my phone frequently for GPS. Before this, I would have had to look up or call for directions ahead of time. While this would be possible, it would be unnecessarily inconvenient. 

mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, I know that I can live without a mobile phone as I have had one only in the last 5 years.  The reason for the change was because we took on the responsibility of caring for elderly cousins who had no one else who would help them.  I do think it would be harder to go back now, but I own a very simple phone without any "apps".  I do think I could live without one for a month as I often forget to take it with me, and so I do function without it.  I believe I would miss the convenience of it, but I also would not miss the constant conversations around me or the interruptions it causes me.  So many people are so rude with phones and the  sight of drivers texting, which is illegal but still done, takes my breath away.  So, the answer for me is yes, I could live without a mobile phone for a time, but I do think many others who need to contact me would find it difficult.

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I, too, could easily live without my phone, but I really think the point here is not whether we could live without them as much as it is how we use them today.  There is an expectation that all of us are available 24/7, and we buy into that, losing control of our own lives.  The fact that someone can call me, any time, wherever I am, does not mean that I have to pick up the phone.  And I do not.  Some people are offended by that, but I choose to control whom I speak to and when.  If I am out for dinner with a friend, or even eating dinner at home with my family, why in the world would I answer the phone?  There seems to be this new priority, that a phone call or text takes precedence over whatever else we are doing.  That is a loss of control and just plain bad manners. 

Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can live without a cell phone. In fact, I rarely use the one I have. The main reason I have one is for traveling, to have in case of an emergency road situation, whether a vehicle breakdown or something else. Other than that, I can wait until I get home to call someone. If they need to get in touch with me, they can leave a message on my home land line. I agree with the sentiment expressed in Post #9, people survived for decades without cell phones and can survive in contemporary society as well, without being slaves to them. They have their place - but it's not attached to our face every waking hour.

Cell Phones in the Classroom

markchambers1966 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Well I am in my mid forties so lived very happily without a mobile for at least half of my life and would quite happily do so again. Actually I like having one, but if I go out without it I feel happy sometimes that I can just lead my life and no-one will call or pester me in any way. I think they are an intrusion in many ways and I watch people texting and talking on them all the time and I don't really feel they are doing society a great good. So yes I could live without one quite easily.
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be extremely easy for me to live without a mobile phone. I rarely use the phone and prefer not to be interrupted by phone conversations at all. I realize that I am not the "norm" but it is extremely strange that people seem to be unable or unwilling to not be connected to their cell phones 24/7. Walking down the street, driving, or doing whatever, their phones are always in use. It's funny that before cell phones, people did fine without them.

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I chose to have a mobile phone and to get rid of my landline simply because the mobile could do more things for less money. However I would switch back to a landline and get rid of the mobile if the converse were true. I can live without one or the other equally well, but in my current life I think I do need to have a phone of some sort. I agree with #3 that there are some serious drawbacks not to mobile phones but to the way people use them.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be no problem for me. I refuse to allow myself to become addicted to cells and i-Phones as so many people are today. I use my cell only once or twice a day, and it is usually to talk with my wife at work so I won't tie up her work phone. Cell phones are great in emergency situations, but I have never felt the need to let the world know every move I make, so I use it as little as possible.

shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I managed to live without a mobile for the first 40 years of my life, so the answer is yes, of course, I can live without it.

We tend to think of our conveniences as being something we cannot do without, but of course we can. We find other ways to communicate with each other and make plans.

jess1999 | Student

For me , I actually can not live without my phone . I am actually not addicted to , or really use it that much . For me , my phone is just for when I'm bored and waiting for someone , such as waiting for my parents to pick me up , or waiting for a lesson . Also , I like to have my phone always with me because I'm those type of people who are always cautious and wants to make sure that if anything happens to me I am able to call someone . 

ik9744 | Student

I personally can live without a mobile phone, but that might change soon. I have an iPhone 4, which I use to mess around with and text with my friends, but to be honest, I don't use it at all now. I can Skype with my friends on my computer instead of actually texting. Yes mobile phones are used outside where you can't always bring your computer. On the occasion I'd probably would use my phone, if it is an emergency. If someone texts me I'll just ignore it, I usually don't really care about messages/notifications. Well, this is my perspective on cell phones. On the other perspective, cellphones/mobile phones are very addicting! They can suck you right into them and you can't escape it. It's just like a prison, but you're actually enjoying it. That's what I felt when I got my first phone. This is very bad to the point even adults use their phone 24/7. You could see people walking, driving, etc while using their phones. It usually makes me laugh so much since, it's so stupid. Why can't people just wait a few minute and settle down then use their phones? Well on some cases it might actually be important, for example a neighbor found your lost dog, your kid/children got lost and founded, etc. That would not be so likely to the point everyone is using their cell phones. I'd also like how student pretend to not be using their cell phone in class by putting their backpack in front of them. Enough of my rant. :P

Short Answer:

Cell phones are not that addictive to me as they are for other people. I can easily live without my mobile phone, but I can't live without my computer! 

astrosonuthird | Student

Everyone will face probs if they don't have a cell phone.


Can you guys name some probs??

khly | Student

I never realised that cell phones were an important aspect of my life until I forgot to bring it with me one day. Its like when they say you never how granted and important one thing is until you loose it. I usually leave it in my pocket and constantly i reached out for it before realising i didnt bring it. That left me slightly dissapointed in myself for forgetting to bring it. I guess its because my phone has many uses and utilities for me. I keep almost everything inside that compact device. It keeps me in contact with my closest when im outside. Im not sure how i would possibly survive without it. To those who could live without it, how about emergency situations?

astrosonuthird | Student

Haha! Good one!

keva15 | Student

well lets see i had 3 cell fones #1 my step dad flushed #2 i loved so much but my mom told my it would be best if she got me a new 1 with a new plan #3 i hate so much cant hold a charge plan sucks and dont get me started on the minutes so yes i can most def live without a cell

astrosonuthird | Student

I cannot live without a laptop or a desktop.


It is very usefull

yannna | Student

I would not be able to live with out a mobile phone. I would not be able to live with out a cell phone is because I use them to get my homework, check my e-mail on the go and to contact my friends and family when I am in need. 

i have a feature phone but it does not measure up to the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 which hands down is the best phone out there period. It is the phone to save us from our phones. 

srmn123 | Student

Yes you can, i'm sure of this because I am 15 years of age (nearly 16) and I have never owned a mobile phone. I'm still living ;)

jackyygibson | Student

I really dont think so because it has become an integral part of our daily life..

doro1412 | Student

If people of the 18th century were able to live years ago without a mobile phone then I think that actually I can live without a mobile phone.

astrosonuthird | Student

Yes! I think it is possible to survive without a cell phone.

wooderali | Student




wooderali | Student

yes i can i hardly use my phone because its rubbish and its not on trend

aa42 | Student

Yes, I can live without a mobile phone my whole life.

nicoleg4 | Student
Can you live without a mobile phone?

I know this question must have been heard many times but I really want to know: "Can you live without a mobile phone?" If yes for how long? Perhaps a week, a month...

I could live without a cell phone for the rest of my life, but I couldn't live without my iPod.

nikasho0100 | Student

Definitely cant live with a phone.


ashley24906 | Student

I would say we can live without a mobile phone because it's not the only means of communication. Technololgy has become so advanced that we have a variety of things that we can use to communicate all over th world. It is still good when we have a cell phone because it allows to stay from afar and interact with the other and then again just like the cell phone we have things like the internet which people use to communicate with one another. Not everyone  can afford most advanced things in technology but they mite be able to afford a phone. We can live without a phone but it is still good to have one...

quantatanu | Student

#25 if mobile phone is used by someone for the purposes those you have mentioned then one should not leave without it. In fact such an use of mobile phone should be appreciated as most of the people waste their time in mobile. Your comment has led me to think in a positive way. Nice view.

brett-d-parks | Student

without my phone, i would not know what to do.  it has my calander, all my friends, homework, work scheduel and much more.  without my phone i would not remember anything or be anywhere on time.

subhaditya18 | Student

It is indeed difficult to live without a mobile phone as it helps us in day to day activities. I cannot live without a mobile phone. Today's generation uses mobile phones for chatting, surfing and playing games. They don't use the mobile phone for the real purpose. I admit that living wothout a mobile phone is extremely difficult but I can live without addicting apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. The iPhone is a gadget that is encouraging to use social apps and addicting games. These gadgets though facilitate our work but are making us their slaves. For example, if a person's iPhone is not working properly, he will be filled with anger. As new technology is creating new gadgets, so are people raising new demands. They also hamper academics. Buy a mobile phone but use it for something productive.

nehasrivastav | Student

When I had a Blackberry, I used to think I could definitely live without my phone. No one would really text me, I wouldn't really text anyone, I wouldn't call anyone so basically I could do without my phone. I thought. But when I got rid of my Blackberry and got an iPhone instead, I can honestly say that I cannot live without my phone.

I guess it just depends on what phone you have and whether it can keep you entertained. And also if it functions well and whether you communicate with other people a lot.

quantatanu | Student

Yes I can. But that cannot be generalized ! Let me illustrate what I mean. I am a man who either stay at home or works in an office, these are the two places where I stay the most, in that two land phones will be enough, one at home and the other at office. But consider a sales man who has to roam around whole day, then to catch him his friends and dear ones will have only one option if he keeps a mobile phone.

So the generalizations can be the following:

1) a person who either works only at one office or stays at home, he can avoid using mobile phones. 

2) a person who has to travel many places needs a mobile phone always.

It wouldn't be any problem for me. However, I do not have any other means to communicate with others over long distances, and cell phones come in handy in situation such as calling an ambulace or rescue helicopter to a rural area. 

dalesc | Student

Yes, I can live without mobile phone when their is no important call that I'm waiting or no important business matter that I can do.

promi | Student

Live widout a mobile phn itz lyk quite impossible!!!! atleast 4 me um gonna die if i dnt hav a mobile phn 4 a day !!!!!!~!!

celine123123 | Student

Of course you could live without a phone. Not long ago people did not have phones and were perfectly fine. I think the problem is more that everyone else has a phone and if you do not not have one you would feel "cut out" (because you live in a society like ours where 1 in 6 people in the UK are addicted to their phones). It simply is a matter of being detached of your phone not taking it everywhere if it is not needed. The problem is, people think they "need" their phone, "just incase". Can't your twitter update wait? Do you actually need twitter? Or facebook? Or email? It is true that people are so used to having a mobile ohone nowadays, to notify a friend you'll be late or you won't make it. So how did they survive without a phone? Why don't you ask your parents, they might know.

My answer is that you could survive without a phone but you might be disadvantaged.

etotheeyepi | Student

With a bow and arrow to kill baboons and two sticks to start a fire, why would I need a cellphone? 

najm1947 | Student

I agree with what most have said in earlier posts. I hated to have one till I started construction of my house seven years back when I was nearly sixty to be in contact with the contractor and material suppliers. After I shifted into my new house, the mobile phone has lost it's utility almost altogether. I hardly receive or make a call every day. The promotional text messages from the mobile phone service provider and other companies are a constant source of nuisance.

I am keeping one because my land lines are not functioning well though I hardly use those either. They are there for emergencies and the rates are cheaper in Pakistan for land-line to land-line calls, a small monthly rent and the rest is free within the country. So for me it's not difficult to live without mobile phone.

nicoledesilva | Student

Well I used to have one and I was constantly addicted to it so I used to keep spending all my money and keep asking for more. Then my parents took it away and still have it and I'm surprised, but I'm okay with it. So if I can do it (and remember, I was an addict), I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for the others.

hadjartahax | Student
omg that's a very diificult question. Well, actually my phone has been at the repair shop for a few days and I didn't really miss it that much. After, I got it back but the simcard was not accepted so I could not use my blackberry Messenger, whatsapp, text and call people. I also wasn't able to use my internet. So it was like I couldn't use my phone, which is almost the same as not having a phone. Now my phone is at someone's house who is unlocking it. I don't think I could live without my phone for a long time, probably just for a few weeks or a couple of months. I think this was a good question. x
iklan100 | Student

I can live for quite some time without a mobile/cell phone and have, often, time to time, done it too. The longest Ive been without one is 5 months and 1 week; but i guess if need be i could do without one much longer.

nath1 | Student

I don't actually know.. I obviously think I can't becaaause I went on a camp yesterday since 31 July and it was not allowed to bring your phone with you but I did and I was texting at night and really, I remember I sent to my boyfriend 'If they take my phone, I go home' :P